Everyone remembers The beer backpack and the beverage it served! in all, The beer backpack system presents your beverage in its ideal serving condition, gives you maximum mobility to track down your targeted consumers, wherever they are. Bottom line, you can serve more consumers per hour. The System allows the server to carry up to 3 gallons of refreshment com¬fortably! A special harness, developed by one of top hiking/backpack manu¬facturers, distributes the 32 Ibs. full weight naturally on the wearer's hips and pelvis. This special design helps prevent back and shoulder fatigue, which is possible when using the typical cup tray and strapped-on cooler methods. The portability of the system means you can go to the consumer directly.

The unique design of The Backpack maximizes product recognition and retention with 3 square feet of full-color, laminated advertising space on the beer backpack can-shaped surface of The backpack. No other beverage serving System offers you the service and advantages of the beverage mar-keting System. Get Your Beverage Concessions Operations Moving With The beer backpack The beverage marketing System is the most valuable and the most power-ful tool for beverage concessions operations. lets your Server dispense beverages efficiently. This translates to increased productivity and sales Beer backpack  .
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ROCKET Packs beer backpack offers a wide range of programs designed to meetJie specific needs of the leisure-time food service and beverage Industries. From supervising hundreds of vendors at a major sporting evenf or fesfival to managing a small, private function, we have the resources and capabilities to maximize per-capita beverage consumption and increase customer satisfaction.ROCKET Packs implements all aspects of the vending or sampling Operation, including hiring vendors and bringing supplies, for a flat fee or percentage of sales. Key Benefits: The client has no capital investment or management hassles.

In addition to supplying the beer backpack drink dispensers and accessories, we can provide an on-site technical advisor and/or manager to assist in the administration of the mobile vending system in exchange for a flat fee or percentage of sales. Key Benefits: The concession operator maximizes profitability by eliminating the "learning curve" and utilizes their own labor source and supplies. ROCKET Packs beer backpack We offer innovative leasing plans, rental options and dependable Professional service. ROCKET Packs can be leased for long-term use or rented for one day, an event or season. Canadier) League Football
Beer backpack  KEY BENEFITS Reduces Vendor Downtime  With beer backpack, a vendor can carry more servings per trip. cup trays thus reducing the frequency of refilling and downtime. Utilizes Low-Cost Post-Mix Soft Drinks Draft Beer Maximizes Brand/Product Identity advertises the brand being served by becoming a walking billboard.

 Eliminates Beer backpack  Watered Down Soft Drinks and Warm or Foamy Beer exceeds beverage industry standards for maintaining the temperature and carbonation of ANY beverage, for hours in any climate. Lightweight and Easy To Carry  The total filled 3 Gallons11.35 liters weight is only 372ounds 12 kilograms. An Beer backpack   orthopedic design avoids stress on the shoulders and back. Easy to Fill, Clean Sanitize - The dispenser can be refilled in seconds and fully cleaned and sanitized in minutes. Flow Meter Option Prevents Vendor Theft Beer backpack .
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Beer backpack The drink sale is one of the most profitable businesses of the world with high volume of sale and low cost of preparation. Our mobile dispensers are ideal for the sale of all type of drinks as cold or hot , carbonated and not carbonated. Ideal for sport events, concerts, fairs, parades and places with great affluence of people, from parks, recreational centers, beaches and touirist attractions , until commercial places, centers, buildings, factories, bus shutdowns, terminals, railway stations, powerboats beer backpack.

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