Coffee vendors carry a keg in a backpack

Coffee backpack even a simple filling. Fast barrel bills included: lid on - line - a new barrel. Saves time and money is known.- bottle with pressure Click to enlarge  bottle Affordable, fast, easy and available worldwide. The new aluminum - bottle saves weight and is available throughout the exchange. Valve with standard threaded corresponds to the commercially available devices soda fizz. Pressure on the new stainless steel, we are particularly proud - he combines the well-known,  safety device in a compact housing with a robust, stainless Mechanics in miniature form. Typically range from  is infinitely adjustable and accurate. His connecting thread is compatible with the available everywhere - bottles of soda  devices Cup dispenser Click to enlarge Cup dispenser The cup dispenser has been integrated into the unit and take all commercially cup shapes. The proven rubber lip system - different diameters depending on the cup size available - scattered the Becher. Branding - space for advertising Click to enlarge Personalize Through the improved ergonomic forms, the advertising space of  enlarged. Thus creates more space for their advertising.
 coffee backpack


 The practical foil bag facilitate a quick exchange of advertising message and transported to the product. Carrying  Click to enlarge Carrying system system is the new high-carrying system of , the specialist for high back packs. The  system was specifically designed for high loads in the . With  system is the comfort to the constant companions. Ergonomically curved  bent Aluprofile manage a large part of the load on the specially padded belt. Result: low load on the shoulders of fatigue-free comfort. height settings,  distance Coffee backpack  belts, and adjustable settings in the hip and chest area, ensuring an optimal setting to the respective users. Quick Change System Click Coffee backpack to enlarge Quick Change With Quick-Change save valuable time when filling their mobile unit. Carrying the unit remains on runners - Thinning, renewed recording and adjusting deleted. Thus, they are faster and longer because wherever you want to go - the customer. Quick Change of course also helps in the transport and the cleaning of two parts. Simply wearing body separate from the device and clean Coffee backpack !

Coffee backpack

coffee Hawkers are  motivated people who sell coffee in football stands, and various other events.

coffee backpack

Coffee backpack This is a factory made, portable, backpack with a 5 gallon hot or cold beverage dispenser that is designed to worn on a persons back like a backpack. The liquid is contained in a 5 gallon resturant grade commercial insulated tank. Replacement or duplicate tanks are readily available at any restaurant supply store or buy online if you want an additional tank or two for extras. The dispenser hose, covered in stainless steel runs from the tank to your hand from which the coffee is dispensed via commercial grade valve. A metal cup dispenser, which holds cups, hangs on the backpack or your belt. One smaller hipbelt hang on the backpack or your belt which hold the condiments that would be served with the beverage. The backpack is professionally made by Rocketpacks and is a modern design that could be used to carry heavy items. The unit appears to be brand new, never used. Walk up to any busy intersection with this and make money, Figure you can sell coffee for a minimum of $1-2 per cup. Add cream, sugar and whipped cream, cups, stir sticks and you are in business Coffee backpack.

coffee backpack
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