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 backpack coffee dispenser


  coffee Dispensing Backpack The Rocketpacks Non-Carbonated Gravity Flow Backpack offers excellent temperature retention using our new heavily insulated container. A one piece polyethylene outer shell combined with a thick foam core insulates against heat loss. Perfect for coffee, it keeps hot beverages hot for hours, and chilled beverages icy cold. The backpack is based on a gravity fed design, so there's no more need for air compressors or pumps. Designed to be easy to use and clean, this backpack dispenser is great for sampling or selling. 5 - 11- 19 Liter heavily insulated container  Gravity fed – no more air compressors or pumps  of advertising space available for your graphics  Keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for hours  Large dispensing hose  gun allowing for greater flow  Thee container is very easy to cleanWeight Empty - Hot Beverages: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai, cafe au lait, Cold Beverages: concentrated juices, iced tea, wine, nectars, vegetable juices, iced coffee, root beer, black sodas, herbals, juice cocktails, oxygenated waters, ice smoothies, sport beverages, frappucino, cactus drinks, naturals, wild ciders, tropical drinks, clamato, various shooters  Cold" version also available! Our newly designed coffee backpack dispenser perfect for any cold liquid. Smaller in size, this product is perfect for getting your beverage to the customer on a hot summer day.

backpack coffee dispenser


What For keg used upside down and gravity dispensing backpack coffee dispenser What ever makes a street team stand out while out on a campaign is going to get a tryout, and the latest gizmo is a backpack that allows team members to offer passersby coffee or hot cocoa or whatever other drink fits in with the campaign. The backpack, mounted using a shoulder harness, can carry up to three gallons, and it also doubles as display space for creative. Cups are carried in a dispenser attached to the backpack or in a carry-along bag, which might also contain flyers to be passed out.The main idea, though, is to use the opportunity to chat up the advertiser's product with passersby as they warm up over that free drink."It’s a great way to get people to stop and talk, creative producer at , which has used the backpacks in several campaigns. “You can target people on their way to work and give them a branded cup, a flier and some coffee. Or you can catch them at an inauguration. BET, out to promote the upcoming  awards special, showed up at nauguration last month in Washington to pass out free coffee and talk up the show, which as it happens airs tonight, and its street teams were out too this morning,

The backpack coffee dispenser designed for vending pre-packaged, chilled bottles and cans. Product Sampling Brand Sampling Programs Event Sampling Street Sampling Intercept Sampling Point of Use Product Sampling Marketing   

 greeting commuters on their way to work in  markets across the country, again talking up the show. This past weekend, sent a team of  to the Show to hand out cups of coffee and talk up the country. Both the campaigns were managed by  but the beverage dispensing backpacks are available online, with some under so anyone can set up a campaign, either on their own or through their agency backpack coffee dispenser