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Within the accessories available in beverage backpack  array of products, the client will certainly find everything needed to solve any problem concerning beer, pre-mix, post-mix and wine dispensing installations. Most of these accessories have been designed by Rocket packs.
For special requests, we also manufacture custom made beverage backpack products, thanks to a highly organized production facility and by giving emphasis on research and development which allows us to always be a step ahead of the market needs.
 Backpack Beverage System
 backpack for hot and cold beverage
Backpack Beverage
Backpack Beverage System

Enjoy your very own cold beer with this beverage backpack vending machine. Simply press a button on bargun and the cold beverage of the rocketpack will roll right into your cup, no more need to make a long trip to the refrigerator.

The rocketpack beverage backpack produced in a small size also that fits right into your refrigerator. beverage backpack Think what it means to have the power to serve an assortment of different kinds beverage of world wide from the beverage backpack

Beverage backpack

beverage backpack

The beverage backpack can also be used for non alcoholic beverages like milk, water, fizzy drinks, soda pops and so on.Increase your turnover in your pub/club. Offer your guests something special. Everybody`s talking about it and your pub/club is going to be packed easily in no time at all.

The hoses and the tubes can be cleaned easily by using little washing-up liquid. The beverage backpack bargun lid only needs to be wiped off but do not put it into dish-water.

The original German beverage backpack A must have and eyecatcher at every party or celebration.
That`s the way the Germans finish 19 litre beer out of an original Rocketpacks beverage backpack as fast as they can and have a lot of fun. The Rocketpacks is a innovative and ergonomic solution to catering beverage backpack in remote locations this rocketpack beer dispenser enables either Beer or Lager or Carbonated Cold Drinks, to be served directly to the customer in arenas and stadia alike.

beverage backpack

The beverage backpack beer dispenser Features An Insulated han-Made Water Proof Fabric BackPack Cover with Padded Shoulder Straps,and Insulation Padding,Hip Belt with Lower Back Support is Attractive and attention grabbing and will self merchandise its contents.
A must have item for the event Caterer,the beveragebackpack beer dispenser , has a tank made of stainless steel beverage backpack for ease of cleaning and maintenance.To this is connected a dispense tube terminating in a hand-held beverage backpack dispenseing gun.

The beverage backpack beer Dispenser requires lightly pressurising to assist The dispensing process and this is achieved using the CO2 pressure unit supplied with a mini regulator and 550g CO2 Bottle all part of the kit.
All technical specifications within this catalogue may vary without prior notice in accordance with a philosophy of constant improvements which Rocketpacks beverage backpack always strives for.

A gravity - fed cup disposable PE dispenser is also provided.There is a large Clear Velcro-attached Panel on the beverage backpack beer Dispenser to enable the vendor to insert his/her own product advert.Available in Silver the beverage backpack

mobile beverage backpack dispenser

Beverage Backpack

Welcome To Rocketpacks beverage backpack  - We appreciate you stopping by! beverage backpack Drinks Backpack, Beer Backback, , Sampling Pack, call it what you will.
Rocketpacks believes in keeping things simple. We pride ourselves on offering a product that is unique and innovative. beverage backpack You will not find another product on the market with such robust, practical quality.

This is why we have been chosen by . Our products beverage backpack alleviate long queues. Instead of your customers seeing a line and deciding not to bother, they see just one or more of our products and buy drinks and food without effort. No time-wasting queuing!
Your customers buy on impulse and will enjoy the novel and exciting ways of getting what they want. Your customers will love what we offer and you beverage backpack will




beverage backpack  Keg system is ideal  the brewer with limited frigerator space who wants to ijoy draft beer. Designed and jilt in Germany, our systems ature standard 5 liter (1 gallon steel kegs that are fordable and fit almost ivwhere. Four kegs will hold /4 gallons, and are much isier to fill and clean than the [uivalent 50 twelve ounce )ttles. ser beverage backpack can be dispensed with ther carbon dioxide (C02) or r. Carbon dioxide has the [vantage of preserving the :

er, and should be used when you want the beer to remain fresh for a week or more after tapping ir has the advantage of being free (just pump the air pump), but will spoil the beer if left in mtact for several days. ar exclusive  is the only Mini Keg tap system that allows the use of either C02 or air thout changing taps.

The  can be switched from C02 to air in less than beverage backpackseconds, thout removing the tap from the keg, or letting out any dispensing pressure.
This has the great vantage of letting you choos e C02 or air depending on how long you expect beer to remain in e keg.

IIf you plan to finish the keg in a couple of days, use the air pump, while if you want to ve beer on tap for several weeks, use the C02 Regulator and cartridges.
Or try this - after iptying about half the keg and using up one C02 cartridge, beverage backpack switch to the air pump if you plan to dsh the keg in 5 days or so, because there will already be a C02 blanket (from the initial 8 gram cartridge) to largely protect the beer from air oxidation, and you can safely pump air to dispense roviding the remaining beer will be consumed within 5 days).

Beverage  Backapck

beverage backpack

beverage backpack

 With other C02 Mini Keg systems, u beverage backpack are forced to pierce another disposable cartridge, even if there is only one glass of beer left. addition to giving you the flexibility of choosing between C02 and air at any point in the life of  keg, our  ibeverage backpack s designed for use with commonly available beverage backpack  gram C02 cylinders, the same es used in seltzer bottles.

These are considerably less expensive than the larger 16 gram rtridges which are the only C02 dispensing method available with other beverage backpack systems.