Wine  Walking Vendor Backpack dispensing hose is the same that is recommended for use with pharmaceutical drugs and other high purity compounds. The inner liner will not impart odors or off-tastes to wine, while the outer jacket  provides improved flexibility and abrasion resistance. It will not stress or crack remains pliable even after Walking Vendor Backpack  prolonged contact with alcoholic beverages.
 walking vendor backpack

Walking vendor backpack DISPENSING FAUCET Ideal to use in Restaurants and Bars to dispense wine without the expense of costly pump systems. Designed for Scholle diaphragm style bag fitting. For dispensing a wide variety of non-pulpy liquids from bag-in-box containers including wines, juices,  and syrups.

walking vendor backpack

Features  Walking Vendor Backpack a brass insert where the faucet connects to I the shank. This insert does not come in contact! with the wine and adds years to the life of the I shank. To order shank only, deduct the price and drop the letter "A" from the pa number. If desired with chrome flange, add th letter  to k the part number.  

Walking Vendor Backpack you see this all-in-one vendor in the Ballpark, don't feel strange. walking vendor backpack is a portable shop system, consisting of a beverage backpack and a vendor's tray. It is an eye catching product, ideal for selling beverages and ice-cream at festivals, sports events or beach or in general in  all terrain that can not be managed easily with a trolley. The core piece of the beverage backpack is covered with a UVresistant foil. It is held by a bag made of wear resistant textile and a foam textile composite. Several straps enable adjustment of the back piece to achieve a comfortable and firm hold on the user's back.
se our equipment to serve a drink to its workers, collaborator and employees such as Coffee, juice or water while they are working, improving its yield and  the productivity of your company.
Our drink dispensers are ideal to distribute liquid foods, medecines and  vitamins in hospitals, health centers, or during medical missions. Serve drinks that contribute to the health, concentration and physical development of children and young people in classrooms, schools, colleges and sports  facilities.
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How to Start a Business  walking vendor backpack In order to start a business in the service sector of the population with a backpack of beer, to properly construct the work from the beginning. We will try to briefly describe the main conditions that have to take into account in order to earn Walking bar and began to earn money for you. We believe that the main issues in the majority of our clients is just documenting the activities of a business entity. This article is devoted to these characteristics of our business. The first - the general procedure for registration Start any business, including the bottling owalking beverages with termoryukzakov involves registration of the enterprise. If you encounter this for the first time, you should decide to register as an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity. This is described in the following sections. Second - especially tax clearance form For registration in tax authorities as a payer of taxes and duties, we recommend you apply for a transfer to a flat tax. This statement must specify the activities that will lead a business entity. Featured our activities are as follows  Service drinks;  Other retail sale not in storeswalking k ;

 walking vendor backpack Activities of restaurants, mobile food services. Note that in this application must specify the place of business. When completing the application, we need to specify as a whole territory of the country without being tied to a specific address -. Be prepared for the fact that employees of tax authorities will prevent you received the certificate of the single tax payer with the right of trade throughout the country, and try to get you to specify a particular address in it. We want to assure you that the legal grounds for refusal to issue a certificate to this area of business with no tax. Therefore, insist on their position and be sure until you get exactly the content of such certificates single tax payer. Third - employees and products  Here there are a few highlights. Employees registered at the center of your employment at the place of your registration (place of registration of legal entity). Also in the tax office will need to obtain information about labor relations with employees, separately for each of them. Also, employees engaged in commerce from the termoryukzakov for bottling should have health books. The drink, which you trade supplied with a certificate, it must necessarily lies in the hands of each employee sell goods to the consumer. Production technology of our equipment is registered in the fund regulatory documents, technical specifications for  for bottling, have sanitary conclusion of the , the pattern of the device also has been tested and has appropriate sanitary certificate issued by . Copies of these documents are provided with all our clients. These instruments allow agencies  walking vendor backpack facilitate testing.

Fourth - a permit to place an walking vendor backpack object of Trade The essence of our business is to ensure that trade in mobile and does not depend on the disposition of the outlet. Since our type of business is just beginning to develop, local councils and administration of issuing such permits, often do not know how to arrange our retail outlet. But as a result of dialogue with representatives of local authorities has always been a way to get the right to trade in the territory. This problem is solved individually in each region. Another way of organizing trading in a particular area, is bound to an existing point of sale (which received permission to place an object of Trade). In order to ensure their protection from law enforcement officers, inspectors walking vendor backpack have permission to trade in our "walking bar", we can conclude with legal outlets is one of the contracts allow the buyer to deliver the goods (the Treaty of commissions, fees, etc.). In this case, the buyer receives the goods delivered to him from a specific outlet. In the present case, supervisors in most cases, they remove the resulting questions. In fact, I want to say that each region is different, walking vendor backpack every controversial situation arising in the course of work it requires a separate legal assessment. The company  tries to show maximum flexibility in this new for our country as a business and constantly find new solutions, which allowed far to settle all difficulties. We are ready to provide our clients with comprehensive legal support in our joint business and joint efforts to overcome all the obstacles standing in the way to success and prosperity walking vendor backpack.