Be the most popular team next summer with this vendingbackpack.

Vending backpack to sell cold and hot beverage
The unique allows to serve your guests in a fantastic way, creating situation where your guests will never have to stand with an empty glass,and you wil generate extra turnover.  can be used for all sorts of parties and events.

Anywhere the catering is unable to serve everybody.  offers precisely the extra service needed so everybody can enjoy a drink without having to queue. vending backpack is a portable catering equipment . A Leading Company in Design of Drink Dispenser for Professional Use-



 Which equips the right sort of young people with vending backpack for all your events, party, promotion, but also at sports events where nobody want to miss a second, we can meet your needs by serving delicious cold soft drinks or beer, or even hot cups of coffee vending backpack CO2 is a carbonated dispenser which provide carbonated drinks CO2 is a non carbonated dispenser which provide non carbonated drinks hot or cold Energy drinks, fruit juice, milk, coffee, tea vending backpack stays at a constant temperature for 3 hours  has a capacity of 11 Liter and serving hot or cold drinks.Perfect for alcoholics, functional alcoholics, and college students, it loads up with beer and allows your friends and family to drink refreshingly warm and flat brew via the tap strapped to your back. It even has a cupdispenser holder for cups, making you a portable party.


The vending Backpack Drink Dispenser enablesfoodservice concession operators to INCREASE PROFITS by maximizing per-capita consumption of ANY beverage, carbonated or non-carbonated, including beer, soft drinks, hot chocolate and coffee. From major sporting events and festivals to smali, private functions,  creates an irresistible demand for any hot or cold beverage. page color brochure and video available. Ask about profit-making accessories.

This attractive consistently cold drinks at one-third the cost of a concession trailer or kiosk. Servend beverage dispenser has four valves, integrally sealed coldplate, and Ibs. stainless steel ice storage bin. Otherfeatures include: - Extra heavy gauge stainless steel construction for longer Itfe - Solid rubber tires with breaks - Formica counter-top - Countertop: Storage Sin: item s walking vendors to carry up to servings - most any size PET bottle or  aluminum can. Frees hands for handling money and pouring. Cans and bottles can be recycled (vendor retains empties). Keeps drinks at ideal servi g condätions. - Greatfor sports bars, Stadiums, arenas and special events. Superior insulation guarantees less ice consumption. Interchangeable graphic system allows easy brand changes. vending Backpack Convenient work shelf with molded-in cup holders. Divider allows dual brand marketing.

Vending backpack optimizes the serving quality of your beverages, so the . Rocketpacks drink dispenser serves hot drinks HOT, cold drinks COLD, and carbonated. 1t increases vol-ume sales by reducing the time required for each transaction, so you can serve more cus-tomers during an event, The revolutionary backpack drink dispenser allows you to seil beverages in remote outdoor settings which may have been impossible until now. Walking-Talking Billboards Serving Beverages Superior visibility, high consumer impact, brand identification and recall. Isn't that what you're trying to achieve? You get it all, when you serve with the backpack drink dispenser Each backpack drink dispenser offers 3 square feet of signage for your beverage logo.

This makes the  System a powerful tool for beverage promotion, sampling and events marketing, especially in high traffic locations. The results are equally exciting at marathons, trade shows, supermarket and convenience st0re grand open-ings...any promotional event that draws crowds. All in all, the System presents your beverage in its ideal serving condition, providing you maximum mobility to serve your targeted con-sumers. Imagine the high consumer impact you'll produce when you serve-up beverages with the backpack. The sight of the futuristic beverage System itself is incredibly memorable which means your target audience will remember the product you serve at sports Stadiums, ski slopes, festivals, conventions, malls, beaches, parks.