Thermobackpack Thermo Backpack for 5-11-19 Liter Beer Cola Coffee
Thermo backpack Having some experience in dealing termoryukza kwith our customers, we decided to publish a series of articles on the site aimed at to provide the most comprehensive answers to the questions that most concern to our customers. One of these questions: What is the uniqueness of the offered equipment and how it is better to existing overseas counterparts? That is to say by popular demand, in this article we will try to figure it out. First of all, it must be said that by Thermo backpack creating k for bottling, we set ourselves the following objectives: the possibility of using a backpack of beer on the territory of  (the performance of adapted components (the prospect of rapid repair service), you have all the necessary permits); convenience and comfort when using a in operation; lowest ultimate cost of our products in domestic and foreign markets; create the most comfortable system of interaction with customers. Let us consider how we managed to termoryukzak achieve its objectives, and allocate the benefits and uniqueness of our brewing equipment. As with any other organization of legal business,k we are also faced with the need to adapt the offered equipment for the beverage to the existing technical and legal standards. First of all, we should consider the fact that the operation of any beer equipment directly related to the use of food, which means that without an actual documentary, and ensure compliance Thermo backpack with sanitary standards set going.
 thermo backpack
Thermo backpack As becomes clear from the foregoing, any, including beer equipment in contact with food must meet the sanitary and epidemiological norms. Accordingly, the equipment brought from abroad, no matter how safe it does not look, do not be in conformity with the domestic health standards, to the documentary evidence of this fact (and this is very serious costs). In addition, Articles  envisages responsibility for the introduction into circulation of termoryukzak products and services with the Thermo backpack use of products not meeting the requirements of standards, rules and regulations. The second challenge that we can say with confidence implemented, is easy to operate the equipment. First of all, its filling, cleaning and, of course, ease of use directly: carry equipment on the sale of drinks. For refilling the Thermo backpack principle "from the keg to keg" in our beer backpack uses a system of M-type fittings for non-carbonated beverages provided by a separate opening closed by a lid with a valve, which prevents excessive pressure from the container. Regarding the ergonomic properties of our equipment to termoryukzak ensure comfort when carrying it used strict anatomical skeleton, combined with fully adjustable suspension system "The design has a removable termoryukzaka l, for convenient cleaning or replacement

thermo backpack
 Therefore, the availability of necessary technical documents, opinions and certificates required condition for the existence of trends in the business. In this regard, it should be noted that our termoryukzak has all the permits necessary for Thermo backpack its legitimate use: several sanitary-epidemiological conclusions and certificates issued by the , the technical conditions agreed with all the standardizing authorities, as well as the registration of our invention in the Fund regulatory documentation. As for the foreign counterparts of such equipment, things here are a little bit harder.

. On the front wall of a silicone termochehla pocket where you can advertise - their own, either advertiser. In order to discharge the required pressure beer backpack equipped with a compact hand pump. And, of course, one of the key points of our universal equipment for bottling is its price -  In comparison with our equipment for a mobile bottling, the price of analog abroad is  euros, but that's not counting the costs of customs termoryukzak clearance and payment of of the cost, transportation costs, plus the purchase of a pump, which is often not included equipment, in the end price of a backpack, bought in western Europe r  (And this thing is not adapted to the harsh realities of domestic )