app Backpack Brand new item from Rocketpacks. This looks like something right out of a spring break movie. A drink Backpack. There is a large .that you pump up manually with a few pumps on the top handle and there is a nozzle with about a 4 foot hose on it. You pull the trigger and it shoots whatever drink you have in the jug out into the waiting mouths of people. The jug has shoulder straps if you want to use it without the backpack. The whole thing fits into a very colorful insulated backpack cooler the cooler is even designed with a small hole to pull the nozzle through.
tapp backpack 


 The round cooler is about 16 inches tall diameter at the top is about inches. The nozzle and trigger mechanism are metal and plastic.come apart for easy cleaning. The whole thing also comes with instructions. This is brand new.I did put some water in it Tapp Backpack and pumped it up to make sure it works .and it does. Great for any party, picnic, or will have some fun with this one. A drink gun what will they think of next. Winning U.S. bidder to add  shipping and handling Tapp Backpack.
tapp backpack
T keep your drinks cold. Tapp Backpack I guess it is the same way they would spray but this is meant to hold drinks. The large black jug holds about a gallon.and has a sticker featuring the flavors on the side. The black vinyl cooler zips closed at the top has full color graphics showing the Rocketpacks flavors on the side and top Big Apple, Limon, Vanila, and Coco.