Get your kegbackpack Beverage Concessions Operations Moving With The kegbackpack The beverage marketing system is the most powerful tool available for beverage concession operations.  lets your server dispense beverages efficiently. This translates into increased productivity and sales. The  is very affordable for many reasons. The elimination of cans and bottles lowers your cost of goods increasing "bottom line" profits over canned drink sales and traditional fast-fill systems. An optional, clip­on insulated ice pouch allows for sales or sampling of beverages requiring ice such as iced teas or mixed drinks. Formally tested and approved by All beverage components are approved. A special shell/harness, developed by one of top hiking/backpack manufacturers, distributes the filled effective weight of 28 pounds naturally on the wearer's hips and pelvis. This vendor friendly design helps prevent back and shoulder fatigue, which is impossible to avoid using the typical cup/tray or strapped-on cooler methods of serving.



The unique design of the kegbackpack maximizes product recognition and retention with 3 square feet of full-color, laminated advertising space on the can-shaped surface of the kegback pack. The backpack provides convenient access to the beverage storage con­tainers for easy cleaning. No other beverage serving system offers you the service and advan­tages. Welcome to the Future of Beverage Marketing. No one can resist the kind offer of a satisfying beverage. And when it comes from the Original  you just can't say no. Here's proof.  is a revolutionary portable beverage marketing system that can be comfortably worn, allowing the wearer to serve up to 3 gallons of beverage, per load, literally anywhere thirsty people gather.leading beverage manufacturers and beverage concessionaires have kegbackpack for superior service.

Since each event is unique, we will need to have a short consultation with you over the  possibly  to make sure that we provide you the proper staff and equipment to make your event successful. 


 Kegbackpack was the first of its kind back in 1996, and now it's the fore most system available.
The  marketing system that has been formerly tested and approved Furthermore, the revolutionary keg backpack allows you to sell beverages in remote outdoor settings which may have been impossible until now. You can serve , carbonated beverages, wine, margaritas, champagne, fruit juice mixes, beer, and many other beverages in their optimum serving condition.Walking-Talking Billboards Serving Beverages Superior visibility, high consumer impact, brand identification and recall. Isn't that what you're trying to achieve? You get it all, when you serve with

The kegbackpack Don't forget each keg backpack offers 3 square feet of signage for the beverage logo.This makes The system a powerful tool for beverage promotion, sampling and events marketing, especially when trained personnel wear the system and promote your product. Everyone remembers  and the beverage it served!

All in all, The system presents your beverage in its ideal serving condition, gives you maximum mobility to track down your targeted consumers, wherever they are. Bottom line, you can serve more consumers per hour.The system allows the server to carry up to 3 gallons of refreshment comfortably! A special harness, developed by one of top backpack manufacturers, distributes the 32 lbs.