Poster Man


This is a person with a billboard strapped to his back. The smut card peddlers' behavior long ago hardened into a ritual established as the result of court battles between casino interests (who wanted to ban the billboard peddlers) and civil libertarians (who saw the 1st Amendment under assault). The smut card people make a slapping noise with their cards to get attention as pedestrians walk by. They then reach out with an individual card (with many of the same details as on the billboard) directly in front of you as you walk past. For a moment a collision looks imminent unless you take a card. But if you don't, then they expertly glide their hand back to prevent any physical contact with you. The workers generally line up along the edges of the Strip's sidewalk, so as a group they avoid jamming the entire passage. For a tourist walking the Strip this means experiencing repeated attempts to be handed cards--part of being a pedestrian on a public street.
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