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A  customer loyalty develops, which is stronger than any food loyalty in the restaurant business.
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Drinkbackpack R o c k e t P a c k s ® * Gravity-Fed * Non-Carbonated Beverage Backpack (Item # RP1000/5GF, 11GF and 19GF) Operation Cleaning Instruction R o c k e t P a c k s® B a c k p a c k – B e v e r a g e – S y s t e m s Sossenheimer Weg 48 ● D-65929 Frankfurt/Main Phone +49 (0)69 95297708 ● Fax +49 (0)69 95297709 @mail: karolina@rocketpacks.de ● Internet: www.rocketpacks.de Non-Carbonated Beverage Backpack Like all drinkbackpack Rocket Packs backpack, the Non-Carbonated is made out of trainable, durable trucks tarpaulin and the interior is specially insulated and lined with Mylar to ensure temperature retention. It comes with a stainless steel 5, 11.4 or 19 liters beverage container, dispensing hose gun gravity-fed, cup dispenser and vendor’s apron. Types of Beverages Juice, iced/hot tea, mixed drinks, lemonade, water, coffee, hot chocolate, alternative beverages Non-Carbonated Backpack – Specifications - Additional pressure equipment not needed, Gravity-Fed operation - Removable plastic sign cover - 3 pocket vendor’s apron for accessories, changes and cups - Easy Handling an quick refilling - 90% of backpack is sign area Includes – 5 liters Backpack Specifications Special Insulated Backpack Cover Dimension: H36 x W31 x D28 cm 5 liters stainless steel container Weight Empty: 4.0 kg Vendor’s Apron Weight Full: 9.0 kg Dispensing Hose/Gun GF Sign Dimension: H29 x W65 cm Includes – 11.4 liters Backpack Specifications Special Insulated Backpack Cover Dimension: H52 x B35 x T35 cm 11.4 liters stainless steel container Weight Empty: 6.0 kg Vendor’s Apron Weight Full: 17 kg Dispensing Hose/Gun GF Sign Dimension: H45 x W80 cm Includes – 19 liters Backpack Specifications Special Insulated Backpack Cover Dimension: H72 x B35 x T35 cm 19 liters stainless steel container Weight Empty: 7.5 kg Vendor’s Apron Weight Full: 26 kg Dispensing Hose/Gun GF Sign Dimension: H64 x W80 cm The Non-Carbonated “Gravity-Fed” Beverage backpack can be used for sampling or selling both hot and cold beverages. Temperature retention for both hot and cold beverages is excellent. What an attention grabber! All plastic and metal materials used in the manufacture of RocketPack Portable Drink Dispenser are approved by sanitary technical regulations for materials (EU-Regulation 1935/2004) destined to be in contact with food and drink! Filling Instruction RocketPack Non-Carbonated Beverage Backpack 5, 11.4 and 19 litres Gravity-Fed Before and after dispensing beverage the golden rule is, make sure the RocketPack beverage container and dispensing hose gun is clean. We can’t stress this point enough. When the container is clean, then your product will always retain its original taste. 1) Remove the RocketPack beverage container including dispensing hose gun form the insulated backpack. Do not separate the connection between beverage container and dispensing hose. 2) Take the very clean drinkbackpack RocketPack container and fill it with your non-carbonated product like juice, coffee, tea, water, hot chocolate etc. Put the lid back in place and make sure the lid is fitted evenly. 3) Take the beverage container with dispensing hose gun and place it in the backpack. 4) Before you close the backpack, make sure that the gray release valve on the lid is open and make sure it still upward. The release valve must be open for operating the backpack as Gravity-Fed. 5) Take the cup dispenser which is attached to the side of backpack and fill it with matching cups. 6) You Drinkbackpack have also been supplied with a Gravity-Fed dispensing gun. Press the handle to start dispensing. Operation very simple and easy. Depending upon requirement, the beverage drinkbackpack can be equipped also with the professional beverage gun. Please take attention hereto that the adjustment screw at the dispensing gun is not operated and the compensator St. white where removed for Gravity-Fed operation. The compensator must replaced again if dispense carbonated drinks and/or using plus pressure equipment. 7) Now you Drinkbackpack can create the backpack and start with service. Important recommendation: - If dispense “COLD” non-carbonated beverages rinse the beverage container with cold water or put for 1-2 hours in a fridge. This procedure keeps longer the quality of your cold product. - If dispense “HOT” non carbonated beverages rinse with hot water to warm up the container to keep longer the quality of hot beverage. Backpack Dispenser Harness Instruction Step One Clip together the waist harness. Make sure that all straps are straight and that the belt is comfortable. Step Two After clipping together the waist harness pull tight. This should be done when the backpack is first put on and then again after all other straps have been tightened. Step Three Clip together the chest belt. This is very important for overall comfort. It keeps the shoulder straps from pulling to the outside. Step Four Drinkbackpack After clipping together the chest belt, pull tight.This helps keep the two (2) shoulder Drinkbackpack straps pulled together, making more comfortable for the user. Step Five Tighten the shoulder straps. This will pull the backpack closer to the user. The tighter the backpack is to the user the more comfortable it is. Pull all straps as tight as possible. This also raises the backpack up on the users back making it more comfortable. Step Six Make sure that both shoulder straps are tight. This is very important because it pulls the backpack tight against your body. Step Drinkbackpack Seven Clip on the money pouch. Make sure that you tighten both sides. Cleaning and Sanitation Non-Carbonated Beverage Backpack “Gravity-Fed” Important: The stainless steel beverage tank, dispensing hose gun, valves and hoses must be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day’s use. The drinkbackpack beverage tank is capable Drinkbackpack of withstanding repeated cleaning without resulting in off-taste or material degradation. We recommend that you use a multi purpose cleaning product especially made for cleaning stainless steel food service equipment that has a wide variety of use in breweries, beverage plants and all food processing operations. 1. Remove the beverage container from the insulated backpack together with dispensing hose gun. 2. Don’t Drinkbackpack remove the dispensing hose from the container. 3. Un-lock latch and remove lid. 4. Rinse out the tank. 5. Pour 1 ˝ gallons (approx. 5 litres) of warm tap water into the tank. (Do not use well water and never use a public bathroom). 6. Do a quick rinse of the container and dispensing hose gun. 7. With water still in the container add the multi cleaning product. Replace lid and shake the beverage tank for 10 seconds. 8. Allow the solution to remain in the tank for three additional minutes. 9. Open the gray release valve on the lid to get pressure equalization in the container. 10. Dispense the liquid inside the tank giving you a good sanitation process. Make sure you empty Drinkbackpack the whole tank trough the dispensing hose gun. 11. Rinse beverage tank with warm tap water twice. Shake vigorously. Fill up for a third time. Repeat steps 8 – 10. 12. Cleaning Drinkbackpack and sanitation is complete. Allow the drinkbackpack beverage tank to dry before replacing lid, if possible. Replace lid and store for next use. Notes/Tips: If you use the beverage tanks for two or three days in a row, you may fill the tanks with the beverage products (e. g. soft drinks, beer, juice …) and put them in a refrigerator for overnight storage instead of cleaning them every day. Be sure the latch is secure properly to prevent loss of pressure and carbonation, leading to a “flat drink”. We recommend cleaning a minimum of every 2 – 3 days. Warranty Full Drinkbackpack Two Year Warranty On All Components For two Years from date of purchase, Rocket Packs Backpack-Beverage-Systems will repair or replace any component, free of charge, if defective in material or workmanship. Repairs necessitated by normal wear, accident, improper care or negligence, are not covered under this guarantee, and products returned under these conditions will be repaired or replaced for a reasonable charge. Warranty registration is not necessary to receive the privileges of the Warranty. For Drinkbackpack Information or Service: Rocket Packs® Backpack-Beverage-Systems Sossenheimer Weg 48 65929 Frankfurt a. M., Germany Phone: +49 (0)69 95297708 Fax: +49 (0)69 95297709 Email: info@rocketpacks.de Internet: www.rocketpacks.de  drinkbackpack Dispense draught, cans  bottled drinks at your venue drinkbackpack.

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