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drink sampling backpack
The Drink Sampling Backpack  one end of your transferring beverage line (black connector) to the beverage line valve of the container industry Premix and the other end of that beverage valve "OUT" of the container. 7th On the gas valve "IN" is a so-called Sniffer valve (connector / gray). The Sniffer valve when Umfüllvorgang provides for the Druckausausgleich in the beverage container and allows a smooth transfer of liquid beverages, using CO2. 8th Beverage fluid seeps from the Sniffer valve, it signaled that the tank is refilled. It may also initially only foam from the Sniffer valve leak, then please continue to fill until liquid beverages follows. Note: Only when drinks liquid from the leaking valve Sniffer, is the Tanks completely filled up! 9th Loosen all the connections to Umfüllvorgang were needed and put the Rocket Pack containers back into the Drink Sampling Backpack insulated backpack system. Connect the beverage line (black connector) with the container.

 Connect the Drink Sampling Backpack CO2 gas cylinder mini-inc AFG Pressure (gray connector) with with the container. Set the operating pressure, which called for the beverage of your needs will (follow this, still at point 4 and 5, the instruction / order of the operating instructions for beverage dispensing systems). 11th After the individual elements in the backpack system and the Backpack was carefully closed, you can use the BACKPACK create and adjust the straps. Start with the local beverages Note: All carbonated drinks can also, without loss of quality in beverage property on the reservoir Rocket opening in the pack containers to fill. The drink should advance to a temperature of about 2 / 3 ° C chilled, then lathers when it is not filling. Einfüllvorgang immediately after the container lid to create an escape of carbon dioxide limit. When called, is the drink on the CO2 mini-cylinder, in accordance with the required quantity of enriched carbonated again. Any questions? ( (069) 95 29 77 08 10 Rocket Packs BACK PACK - Mobile beverage dispensers --

After each use (deployment) need 3 gallons of tanks, beverage management and Schankhanvorichtung cleaned. We recommend cleaning concentrates, as Portable dispensing backpack  for dispensing systems in the hospitality industry used to use. Vorgehnsweise: 1st Remove the beverage container from backpack system. Depressieren the container and open the lid. Pour any residue from the beverage containers. 2nd Fill the container about halfway with warm water and something Reinigungskon - zentrat on. Place the container lid carefully. 3rd Shake the beverage container with the cleaning solution about 1 minute by force. Drink Sampling Backpack After about 3 minutes let stand. 4th About CO2, N2 or compressed air (gray connector) build in the tank with the cleaning solution to a head pressure of about 6 bar. Drink Sampling Backpack 5th Insert the beverage line (black connector) and leave the cleaning solution from the tank through the pipe and drinks Schankhahnvorichtung run. 6th To soap residue from the tank to eliminate, please portable beverage dispenser  follow the steps from 1 to 5 of cleaning instructions with clear water again. 7th The Drink Sampling Backpack  cleaning process is finished. Let the container upside down to dry. Insert after the dripping and drying the container lid back to ingress of impurities in the clean containers to avoid. 8th Proof cleaning operation in the book (starting on page 41 / Form VIII) Register. The containers with lids ranging store! Hint: pollution (spots) on the backpack can be a sponge Cleaning solution and warm water removed. The expurgated parts Air dry.

 Possible margins It is no liquid from the beverage line / pubs Hahn n Check the Schraubregler, on the left side of the outlet stopcock is appropriate. Turn the screw counterclockwise around the Getränkefluß to increase. n Portable dispensing backpack  Make sure that the beverage line (black connector) on the right valve of the beverage container has been created. n Check the AFG Pressure (Inhaltsmanometer 0 - 250 bar) whether enough pressure in the mini-CO2 gas cylinder located. n If the tanks poured into the mixed drink properly. Clumps may be able to block the beverage line. Tips should be above that problem, disassemble the quick hand-dispensing Hahn and rinse the individual parts thoroughly with water. Soft drinks and beer are developing too much foam n If not serving can be maintained, develop beer and soft drinks (especially "light" products) too much foam. n In extreme heat (in summer) may be liquid in the hot beverage line. Eventually, the liquid found in the beverage line before dispensing maneuvers will be scrapped Drink Sampling Backpack .