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drink backpack

A portable dispenser for beverage Containers for use by a vendor. The drink backpack comprises a strap assembly and is arranged to be worn like a backpack and includes a housing and a chamber located within the housing. A rack, disposed within the chamber, comprises at least one dispensing chute. The dispensing chute comprises a receiving end to permit the insertion of a plurality of beverage Containers therein, an intermediate length for retaining the beverage Drink backpack Containers in the chute in single-file relationship and an outlet end. The dispensing chute is arranged to present a successive beverage Container to the outlet end upon the removal of a preceding beverage Container from the outlet end.,  The dispenser additionally comprises at least one dispensing port located adjacent the rack. The dispensing port is in commu-nication with the outlet end of Ihe dispensing chute to enable the vendor to remove beverage Containers from drink backpack   

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