Welcome to the Future of Beverage Marketing Dispensingbackpack No one can resist the kind offer of a satisfying beverage. And when it comes from the you just can't say no. Here's proof. We know of more than 4 million people who emphatical-ly answered, "yes!" when offered a beverage from the Rocketpacks backpack drink dispenser Rocketpacks backpack drink dispenser is a revolutionary portable beverage marketing system. It can Dispensingbackpack be comfortably worn, allowing the wearer to serve up to 3 gallons of bevČerage, per load, literally anywhere thirsty people gather. leading bevČerage manufacturers and beverage vendors have chosen Rocketpacks backpack drink dispenser superior service. The Rocketpacks backpack drink dispenser was the first of its kind back in  and is now the foremost k system available. More than eight years of market testing and space age technology have pro-duced the marketing System. It is the only beverage serving system that is actually comfortable to wear, durable and easy to operate and maintain


A mobile Dispensingbackpack, beverage dispensingbackpack characterized by a unitary rectangular-shaped cabinet structure, and containing a of internal and chambers for the storage of hot liquid beverages, and the liquid and gaseous components of the cold beverages to be dispensed therefrom.
Said cart being designed for attendant-assisted or customer self-access from both longitudinal sides of said cart, the incorporated hot and cold beverage dispensingbackpack dispenser means are positioned in duplicate, one set being located on each longitudinal side of said.

The serving temperatures of stored beverages contained within said dispensingbackpack are maintained at the desired levels by the use of non-electrical, thermally-insulated storage containers, and an beer supply storage means.

The hot beverages are dispensed by gravity feed dispensingbackpack through manually-controlled bargun, where as the cold carbonated beverages, are dispensed with the aid of pressure generated within the system by CO.sub.2 stored in tanks incorporated within the backpack interior.
Upper serving dispensingbackpack dispenser means are totally removable from the said apparatus for storage and cleaning purposes.
 The vendor pulls the product from its pocket and it automatically self replenishes until empty. This system is an extremely efficient method of serving large numbers very, very quickly. With these two options, we are Dispensingbackpack confident we can meet any mobile drink-dispensing request

 into a unit capable of up to 2 different varieties 48 (2 x 24 trays of cans or bottles) of any beverage. The cartridge is incredibly easy to refill/stack. The cartridge fits up to 600ml can or bottle so the drink combination can be suited to your customers’ needs. The can or bottle drops into the pocket each time.

2 GALLON dispensingbackpack  establishments can create an irresistible demand for wine, liquor, shooters and other profit makers by outfitting Servers with the one-gallon  The total filled weight is only 11 pounds! In Dispensingbackpack most cases, the dispenser pays for itself in one night by generating impuise sales from curious patrons who are intrigued by the concept.