After almost 15 years of successfully selling Rocket Packs dispenserbackpack time has come for us to Upgrade our product ränge. The release of our new ränge is expected to be early September l995 and there have been many significant improvements. Such as: the new range will have a greater volume capacity whilst the overall weight has not increased. This has been achieved by manufacturing new moulds and the intelligent use of new resins, polymers and micronizing polyolefins. The ovcrnll result will be a more durable, lightweight unit, offering an exciting new colour range, exceptionally high Standard of tinish, simplicity of use and all of the features our customers have come to expect. The other benefit our customers are sure to enjoy is, by utilising the tatest technology we will be able to offer dispenserbackpack  at a considerably Iower price than has previously been available. Please watch this area for further details the release date draws nearer. Rocket Packs  dispenserbackpack is looking for distribution companies that are interested in marketing our product. If you are interested in this proven product, please E-Mail your Company details Dispenserbackpack.


Dispenserbackpack The best accessory for  tailgate party  Fill it up, strap it on, and you never have to go back to the cooler. The dispenserbackpack  on the back of the pack has a tap that feeds out of the bottom and a cupdispenser the sides to hold your cups.

Dispenserbackpak für Event-Marketing 19 Liter Bier
you'ye done outreach with Oh yeah,tons of times. l take teams frequently during the cooler weather months. How has it worked the dispenserbackpack ? It has worked extremely well. The more we've used it as an outreach project the more effective we've become at it. We've experimented with finding different places to do this. We use the backpacks as  well as a hot drink Container at a vehicle that is stationary in front of, for example, a Walmart store where there is a lot of customer traffic. Do you usually go with one backpack orwith multiple ones? We always g o with at least two. Typically we attract a lot of attention when we go to a place that has a good flow of traffic. It's just a lot easier to reach more people faster


A special shell/harness, developed by one of America's top manufacturers, distributes the filled effective weight of 32 pounds naturally on the wearer's hips and pelvis. This vendor friendly design helps prevent back and shoulder fatigue, which is impossible to avoid using the typical cup/tray or strapped-on cooler methods of serving Dispenserbackpack.

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