Coladispenser backpack  The  line's role is to minimize heat gain of the beer and cola  after it leaves the walk-in on its way to dispense. A well designed trunk line will maintain product temperature while allowing the walk-in to operate at its most efficient setting. A simple test to see if your current trunk line is performing well, is to feel the outer surface temperature. It should have the feel ColaDispender Backpack of room temperature, it should not be cold itself because then the glycol is cooling the trunk line and not the cola.
 coladispenser backpack


The Cola dispenser backpack is ideal for dispensing import beers cola etc... where there is limited refrigeration. It is also an excellent method to dispense ice cold beer or cola at special events or catering halls. This latest generation of flash chillers has been proven by the performance of thousands sold in Europe. The Rocketpacks can dispense cold beer or cola on even the warmest of days. This is accomplished by running the product through a   coil submerged in a  pound capacity ice bank.

The unit fits in a compact shelf space under the bar counter and plugs into standard current to run its  compressor. The Rocketpacks comes with four product coils that can be double looped for less products and greater capacity.
  Up To 3 gallon Cold Colar from the walk-in cooler box is forced alongside beer or cola lines to keep them cold dispense . Two shafts are used: one for the product and out going air, one for Together they form a continuous air loop. This coladispenser system tries only to maintain the aiir walk-in. Cola is not additionally cooled in the shaft.

 A walk-in that is used for foo ously opened is ColaDispender Backpack not good for this application due to fluctuations in the walk-in ai cooled system cannot be more than  feet overall from the walk-in to the dispens  Size of the blower is determined by the distance from walk-in to  highlighted items in the illustration are optional added value

coladispenser backpack
Cola dispenser backpack pumps are designed for dispensing draft beer or cola for both short and long draw systems. Air or Co2 operates the pump but never touches the product. No more flat or tainted beer due to contamination. The internal keg pressure can be maintained at  to . while line pressure operates at .
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