Colabackpack Increase Your Concession Sales!
This eye-catching Silver Colabackpack dispenser is perfect for dispensing cola  or whatever beverage you want to call attention to. The spout is a handy little gadget on the front so that you don`t have to pick it up and pour from it.

the colabackpack is certain to be the conversation piece of your party because it is so cute.


Colabackpack Bring the Säle Directly to Your iistomers with the colabackpack It's show time. The ticket lines outside are long, the lobby is getting füll, and the concession lines are too long. But hey... wait a minute... it's their night out, their day off. They came to be entertained and they're Standing in lines? How about some Service with that entertainment! Mobilize your vending service - offer your customers a beverage while they're Standing in line or at their seat. With the cola backpack portable backpack contour bottle dispenser you can recapture lost sales by bringing an ice cold Coca-Cola to each and every thirsty movie goer. The mobility of the colabackpack  creates increased vending sales for you and a value added service for your customers. Start the entertainment by providing beverage service at the ticket line and keep the sales going in theater seating areas until the lights go down colabackpack.

  Open colabackpack the shut-off valve. The vessel is within a few seconds a pressure of 6 bar set up. During the pressure build-up is a whiz to hear the container has the 6 bar pressure is reached the sizzle no longer be heard. The N2 connection can be solved. 6th Use the pressure building an air compressor (in conjunction with food oil-free compressors are only permitted to use a charcoal filter is active may be recommended) set on the Einstellskala the   6 bar operating pressure and then, still at N2, the management to the "IN" valve on the Rocket Pac Pressure building out, then the connection is resolved. 7th For now, the beverage containers back into the insulated backpack system and connect  the beverage line (black connector) with the container. 8th If you are now the hand-dispensing quick tap on the beverage line press printing presses 6 bar drinks liquid from the tank. The tank can be emptied completely. Caution: The first few pubs can maneuver quickly pour. We recommend that the first outlet in the maneuvers Ausguß, buckets or  colabackpack on the ground to try before you fill the cup. Notes: Any questions? ( (069) 95 29 77 08 BACKPACK filling 3 gallons of beverage containers 4 filling the containers with carbonated beverages With the Rocket Pack "BACKPACK"

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