Cola Backpack A must have item for the event Caterer, the  , has a tank made of stainless steel for ease of cleaning and maintenance. To this is connected a dispense tube terminating in a hand-held dispense gun. The cola backpack Dispenser requires lightly pressurising to assist

The dispensing process and this is achieved using the CO2 pressure unit supplied with a mini regulator and 550g CO2 Bottle all part of the kit. A gravity fed cup disposable cup dispenser is also provided. There is a large Clear Velcro-attached Panel on the  dispenser to enable the vendor to insert his her own product advert Cola Backpack .
 cola backpack
Cola Backpack An innovative and ergonomic solution the cola backpack to catering in remote locations this cola backpack dispenser enables either Beer or Lager or Carbonated cola, to be served directly to the customer in arenas and stadia . The  dispenser Features An Insulated   BackPack Cover with  and Padding, Hip Belt with Lower Back Support is Attractive and attention grabbing and will self merchandise its contents.
Perfect for giving away cold beverages on a hot day or hot beverages on a cold day   !
Your customers will love what we offer and you will too. Rocketpacks works with arenas, stadiums, bars and marketing companies on a national level. Technology-led and service driven, provides a bespoke service individually tailored to clients’ requirements Cola Backpack  .

cola backpack
Cola Backpack Side Placards - Item CSP The placards are mounted on both sides of the cola backpack at the point where the custom molded shell attaches. Your brand's bottle, can, cup, or image is protected by UV Plexiglas to ensure vivid Images no matter what the conditions. These optional side graphics reinforce your brands specific image or highlight specific event themes. Screened Fabric Cover - Item  DTC A fabric, form fitting cover can be silk screened with any brand irnage or logo for a high profile and lasting impression. Silk screened fabric covers give you the ability to adapt and change the cover quickly to highlight different products or specific themes at any event or promotion.  Custom Placards and Imaging Customized Molded Covers i An Cola Backpack outer cover can be custom molded to re-create any brand's bottle, can, or cup and attached to the backs of the units. These custom molded Shells are designed to drive your brand's image. The unique combination of The cola backpack with a custom molded cover provides the strongest mobile brand presence available Cola Backpack .
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