The easy-pour tap of coffeebackpack is made of highest quality parts to ensure a lifetime of use. The tap is non-corrosive and can safely accommodate beverages with various acidity levels. The tap can be removed for cleaning and is dishwasher safe. the coffeebackpack is Perfect for parties, weddings, catering or just your family get-together Coffeebackpack .


  coffeebackpack Regard! CO2 pressure-filled bottles and always standing firmly attached transport and store. None of large and extreme heat Refrigeration suspended. The Rocket Pack backpack system always use vertically. The maneuver only with on - properly maintained Rucksadksystem perform Never from a horizontal position AFG Pressure Pressure gas containers (mini-cylinder) never without pressure safety valve connected, follow this instructions for beverage dispensing systems, otherwise there Zerknallgefahr! The Rocket packs BACKPACK is equipped with an AFG pressure on the pressure are 2 manometer. A Inhaltsmanometer and a Arbeitsmanometer (0 - 7 bar), and a gas pipeline with a connector (gray). 4 Portable dispensing backpack  cup dispenser The cup dispenser  coffeebackpack "standard" is equipped with Velcro to the Rocket Pack backpack fastened. He is in seconds, remove and re-install. It can be found in the cup donor "standard" 30 - 50 Trinkecher 0.2 - to 0.5 per pour. And removing padding: The silver metal cap and pour in the cup above. During the with a free hand at the other end, so that the cup can not slip through. The k  cups may well be taken individually, if you are taking only the bottom of the last cup and summarize those with a short jolt from the donation tube draw. Should it happen reinforces that several cups at once to come out, please check the four metal brackets in the donation tube. Press the brackets slightly inwards to the tension again be strengthened. 4 through shell (for advertising insert) The generous halbschalenförmige area (39 x 79 cm) on the back of the BACKPACK informed about the content or image can be seen as advertising for services and products available. The review skin is velcro to the backpack fastened system. portable beverage dispenser  In seconds can be color prints or photocopies, weather-protected disc. lling 3 gallons of beverage containers 4 Portable dispensing coffeebackpack.
This coffeebackpack beverage dispenser could be used for any hot or cold beverage, such as: Coffee, Iced Tea, Juices, Punch, Etc. This coffeebackpack is perfect for a catering business. It is constructed of attractive, easy to clean stainless steel with plastic trim and spout. This model also features a locking lid to prevent spillage. It has a 3 Gallon capacity


Coffeebackpack  We provide you the equipment, supplies and staff to make the drinks and guarantee that your guests will be served  drinks during your entire event - regardless of the heat outside or number of people at your event coffeebackpack ! 

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