Bevpack  backpackfor  5-11-19 Liter Beer Cola Coffee  Rocket packs Bevpack backpack is a young dynamic company, offering everything for a fresh look at one of the most important needs of any person - quenching thirst. The mission of our team - to change the old approaches to selling drinks and offer a unique and timeless kind of business that requires a minimal cost and independent of season or time of year. We are surrounded by supermarkets, so irretrievably leaves a time when you could hope to profit by opening a Bevpack fixed point in the pass-through place.

 Now is the hour when you do have to come to the consumer and give him what he wants. Produced by our company products - is not only a new way of dispensing beer and other drinks of beer or type of equipment, but also a new philosophy of  Bevpack backpack beverages, the corresponding European standards become established in the service sector, which allows to maximize sales.




 Using termoryukzak bottling beverages (beer backpack), you will have the opportunity to trade virtually everywhere: in football stadiums, Bevpack backpack sporting events, festivals, concerts, beaches, parks, railway and bus stations, traffic jams and other places, wherever they Bevpack baclapck can to pass people. Now for the implementation of your product need not be tied to a stationary dislocation of retail space, no need to pay rent and wait for your buyer is coming. Now you decide what and when to sell, you can always be places where people want to drink, and most importantly - you have no competitors Bevpack backpack.