Beveragebackpack for 19 Liter Beer Cola Coffee Snack
beveragebackpack Enjoy your very own cold beer with this beveragebackpack home vending machine! Simply press a button and the cold beverage of your choice will roll right into your cups, no more need to make a long trip beveragebackpack to the refrigerator.
Rocketpacks works with arenas, stadiums, bars and marketing companies on a national level. beveragebackpack Technology-led and service driven, rocketpacks beveragebackpack provides a bespoke service individually tailored to clients’ requirements.  products have been used for many purposes including: Arrow Concerts Arrow Conferences Arrow beveragebackpack Promotions Sampling Arrow Cricket Matches Arrow Race Meetings Arrow Football Stadiums

Dispensing beveragebackpack The principal is quite simple. You pressurize the keg using the hand pump or you use the CO2 automatic or air-compressor, hook up the dispensing hose and your ready to go. The beveragebackpack keg works by pushing the beverage down from the top (with air pressure) and up through the beveragebackpack dispensing tube to the hose and gun. If you look into the keg you will see the dispensing tube inside. Hook up If you look closely at each disconnect fitting on the 3-gallon keg, you will see that they are a little different. The beverage disconnect (black) has a little ridge on it and the air or gas (grey) disconnect does not.


 The keg is then pressurised to the require PSI within 4 seconds. The keg sits in a specially moulded insulated insert which keeps it in optimum condition for as long as it is required. With its unique beveragebackpack insulated hose nozzle, the vendor can dispense 21 pints or 48 cups or 60 cocktails (you get the idea!). Each beveragebackpack is supplied with a transparent cup/glass tube-dispensing tube (capable of holding a maximum of 50 pint glasses). This attaches effortlessly to the side of the unit.  

This beveragebackpack is why the disconnect on the hoses can only fit onto the proper disconnect on the keg. Signage Best to use a laminated sign made to fit if possible. Make sure that the sign is dry before inserting, this can lead to small air pockets on the sign itself, not to mention making it harder to take out.  

11.3 Litres of any beveragebackpack. Be it carbonated beverage, still beverage, hot or cold, The universal beveragebackpack will dispense it with ease. The keg is pressuried using ‘state of the art’ CO2 technology, fully approved by B.O.C Sure Serve beveragebackpack.