The Beverage hawking backpack dispenser  has been specifically designed to maximize in keeping the beverage cold, so our engineers have incorporated an ice tray when filled with ice ensures 11 Litre of liquid is surrounded by ice at all times keeping the beverage very cold and at no time does the ice have contact with the liquid in the Beverage hawking backpack dispenser.

The  beer tap resembles most familiar beer taps seen pubs and clubs today. It has been made using tough hardened  which can withstand massive amounts of use and conditions. They are all non drip taps which have been chrome  and which pour a perfect beer and a perfect head every time. "Refreshing cold drinks tapped in your living room, backyard or It has never been easier with the  dispenser hold 19 L which is equivalent to  sized beer bottles. We offer low cost delivery throughout germany Major City’s and Regional Centres Please See Our Shipping Charges Below - Beverage hawking backpack dispenser are sent Via Signed Couriers in areas they service otherwise ups Is used. A signature is required for all courier delivered items - Remember the  dispensers are quite Large and impressive and arrive complete.
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beverage hawking backpack

11.3 Litres of any beverage. Be it carbonated beverage, still beverage, hot or cold, The universal Beverage hawking backpack dispensers will dispense it with ease.
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