3 - in - One Funktion Backpack Drin bk Dispenser since 1996 

Beverage Backpack dobble funktion to dispense beverage in cups as well us suitable for Cans & Bottles

Doppelte Funktion  Getränke Rucksack - sowohl für offene Ausschank  als auch für Dosen und Flaschen geeignet

Why be limited to a single-function drinks backpack? Something that is constant with Rocket Packs is change. We do not imitate, we innovate. Our product range is varied and multifunctional. Our flexibility as a company ensures that we remain top of our game, creating products that not only serve a purpose but maximise your return on invetment. Branding nowadays is so important, and with this in mind, all our products are fully brandable! Make the Rocket Pack your own and display your product, logo, event info, advertising or PR literature slipped into the branding covers as the designs below show

 beverage can beer bottle backpack
 Kombinations Getraenke Rucksack
 bottle backpack
 Beer Can Backpack
beverage can beer bottle backpack  15 Litre
Getränke Flaschen Rucksack

11 Liter Tank
Bottle backpack & beverage dispenser

15 Liter Getränke Rucksack Tank. Special hevy duty Rocket packs beverage tank

 From giant foam oranges for the Innocent Orange Juice launch to bottle-shaped backpacks for WKD drinks, we always rise to the challenge. Food plus drink? - Yes! The backpack can be used in conjunction with the Vendor Tray so your customers can enjoy food and drink from one vendor…   
 bier dosen rucksack
 cola dosen rucksack
 Getränke flaschen rucksack
2 x 5 Liter Beverage Tank

Bier dosen rucksack
Special Rocketpacks Beverage tank's
made for the beverage industry
Kombi Getraenke Rucksack
Getränke Flaschen Rucksack
Can & Bottle Drinks Backpacks The Universal Rocket Pack is can be transformed into a unit capable of up to 2 different varieties 48 (2 x 24 trays of cans or bottles) of any beverage. The cartridge is incredibly easy to refill/stack. The cartridge fits up to 600ml can or bottle so the drink combination can be suited to your customers’ needs. The can or bottle drops into the pocket each time. The vendor pulls the product from its pocket and it automatically self replenishes until empty. Beverage Can & Beer Bottle Backpack Rucksack .This system is an extremely efficient method of serving large numbers very, very quickly. With these two options, we are confident we can meet any mobile drink-dispensing request. You can now maximise use of staff with the Roller Rocketpacks backpack. With another world first from Rocketpacks. Now even fragile or small framed staff can use the backpack to vend by rolling the pack into location. Contact us for further information on this option.
 Kombi Profi Getränke  Rucksack
 Getränke Flaschen Rucksack
 cola can backpack
Kombi Getränke Rucksack
Cheap simple non professionel pet water tank.