Beerbackpack Backpack Drink Dispenser enables Foodservice concession operators to INCREASE PROFITS by maximizing per-capita consumption of ANY beverage, including beer, soft drinks, hot chocolate and coffee. From major sporting events and festivals to small, private functions, creates an irresistible demand for any hot or cold beverage.Key Benefits Reduces Vendor Downtime. With the beerbackpack , a vendor can carry more servings per trip (vs. tote boxes or cup trays) thus reducing the frequency of refilling and downtime. Maximizes Brand/Product Identity. advertises the brand being served by becoming a walking billboard. Eliminates Watered Down Soft Drinks and Flat Beer. exceeds beverage industry standards for maintaining the temperature and carbonation of ANY beverage, for hours in any climate.Lightweight and Easy To Carry. The total filled (3 Gallons) weight is only 34 pounds. An ergonomic design avoids stress on the shoulders and back. Easy to Fill, Clean Sanitize. can be refilled in seconds and fully cleaned and sanitized in minutes.  



Beerbackpack  Dispenser Enables walking vendors to carry beer in an insulated backpack. BACKPACK FOR HOT OR COLD DRINKS  It can be refilled in seconds with a removable pre-filled car-tridge. After pouring drink into cup, the vendor tosses empties over his shoulder into a waterproof bog inside the backpack. The beerbackpack dispenser reduces the frequency of refilling and downtime (vs. cup trays) and frees up the vendor's hands for handling money and pouring.

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Beerbackpack Drink Dispenser Now walking vendors can sell cold drinks ( beer etc.) in Stadiums and arenas with the ease and convenience of this unique dispensing beerbackpack System.  Serve" drink product comes in our unique 3 gallon beerbackpack package. Refill time is iess than one minute. State-of-the-art insulation keeps the product at ideal serving conditions in hot climates.

beerbackpack Drinking establishments can create an irresistible demand for wine, liquor, shooters and other profit-makers by outfitting servers with the 2-gallon , it's easier than ever before for bars, nightclubs, entertainment centers and restaurants to sell or give out samples of beverage products. In most cases, pays for itself in one night by generating impulse sales from curious patrons who are intrigued by the concept. Easy To Use The beerbackpack gravity-fed system is easy to operate. can be refilled in seconds with any non-carbonated beverage and fully cleaned and sanitized in minutes. Removable Signage

The establishment may advertise the brand name being served or customize its own drink promotion by inserting printed material into the transparent sleeve on the rear surface. Specifications Total Filled Weight  9 pounds Tank capacity - One geallon (5 liters) Got a function, school event, concert, gala, sports event, etc. and would like us to service your spectators with hot beverages in a clean, hygienic and fun manner

Beerbackpack Insulated Beverage Backpack 3 gallon  cold insulated beverage dispensing backpack. Durable and lightweight. Comfortable to wear. Perfect for giving away cold beverages on a hot day or hot beverages on a cold day. he AD section on the Backpack is in high demand. A vendor in uniform with signage on the backpack as well as branded cups is ideal for point of sale advertising.

Beerbackpack f you have a business where your clients make a row when they wait to be serve, like banks, public dervices, customer care centrs etc., you can use our equipment to offer an excellent service offering a Beerbackpack or drink of courtesy to them while they wait for being taken care.
Beerbackpack Girls running up and down in the stadium  with a keg on their back, dispensing beer. Beer vendors carry a keg in a backpack beerbackpack.
Our Beerbackpack equipment allows you to promote your clients brand in an innovative way.Sampling Beerbackpack will be more easy. Sample more in shorter periods of time. Our drink dispensers are a powerfull advertising tool. You will reach people and places that they never reach before. Use it as a key tool in your sponsorship programs. Take attention that 90% of the backpack is sign area. f you are drink manufacturer, has a restaurant or cafeteria, our equipment is an ideal tool for the mobile sale of your products. Our dispensers will allow you to sale your beverages such as coffee, tea, soda waters, refreshments, juice, beer, wine, liquors, soups, consommes and even plastic bottles, PET and snacks in a fast and comfortable wayBeerbackpack .
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