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Beer Sampling Backpack

Beer sampling backpack Filling capacity Refueling capacity termoryukzaka possible in two ways: A. Filling capacity directly through the neck: open the container; Pour liquid (drink); close the lid; create the required operating pressure by a pump, compressor or a CO2 tank. Two. Filling tank through fitting (pumping liquid from the keg in the kegu).  Beer sampling backpack Refilling of the kegs in the kegu Transfer of fizzy drink (beer, kvass, lemonade, etc.) of the kegs in the kegu (in the capacity of termoryukzaka) provides the following: 1) The head of the handout, which will be connected to the container where you want to upload a drink, it should be adapted to the injection of fluids, namely: off valve for CO2 and wind at the input-output tap; pull the ball or float (depending on model), which serves as a valve for the liquid at the head off of the keg, at the output of the same should be Beer sampling backpack screwed valve. 2) Transfer the head, which is connected to the Ker with a drink, should be equipped with a valve at the outlet for the fluid. 3) Before connecting the dispensing head to the kegam, make sure that all valves closed. 4) Connect all as shown in the figure. 5) Once you're hooked up, open the valve on the tank with CO2 (discharge pressure 0.3 MPa). 6) Open the valve number 1. 7) slightly open the valve for venting CO2 on a modified head. 8) Turn on the tap number 2. 9) Control valve for venting CO2 on a modified head during theBeer sampling backpack  pumping of the drink, and as soon as it goes with the liquid, immediately shut off valve for venting of CO2 - this means that the capacity is filled. 10) Turn off number 2, and then tap number 1. 11) Turn off the CO2 from a cylinder. 12) Unplug the Beer sampling backpack handout from the head of the refillable container. This procedure is pumping liquid from a keg in the kegu will take a few minutes. If you need a cool drink pumped, the tank refills should be made through the coole r Beer sampling backpack.