Portable beer  dispenser backpack  This guarantee is entitled to the replacement of defective parts. A warranty can not be levied in case of improper treatment. In any case, you are entitled to damages or interest. For the rare case that your product should be defective, we ask you, together with the appropriate section to guarantee to send us back. We RESPONSIBLE for the repair. The Portable dispensing backpack  freight cost to repair job will be paid by the owner.
The freight charges for the return shipping company Szabó takes over - Rocket packs in Frankfurt / Main. Keep the purchase receipt / invoice for the duration of the warranty period, as he may damage your Rocket Pack "BACKPACK" must be resolvedr container contents application of nitrogen (N2) Directions on how pages 5 Portable dispensing backpack  and 6 of the instruction manual:

 Any questions? ( (069) 95 29 77 08 adding 3 gallons of beverage containers with carbonated drinks Drinks on Line Example: "refreshment" application of carbon dioxide (CO2) (Sketch on how pages 8 and 9 of the instruction manual) Umfüllvorgang of industrial premix containers in container Rocket Pack Any questions? ( (069) 95 29 77 08 - Padding 3 gallons of beverage containers with carbonated drinks Drinks on Line application of carbon dioxide (CO2 Example: "Beer" (Sketch on how page 8 and 9 of the instruction manual) Umfüllvorgang industrial Bierfaß in Rocket Portable beer dispenser backpack .
 beer dispenser Backpack
Beer Dispenser Backpack Old World look to any bar with beautiful . These hand crafted towers are finished in a variety of colors with a high fire glaze providing years of service. There are two basic body shapes available with either brass or chrome hardware.  faucet towers in a tee  style are also available. We can provide you with an actual color chip of the glaze you are interested in. Towers customized with a brand logo have proven to increase sales. Call our customer service  representative today for details.
beer dispenser Backpack

 An international wine, champagne and spirits program * Various gift boxes * Festive and Party Supplies * Crockery, cutlery and
  Constantly changing special offers Delivery Service Supplying * Private Customers * Establishments and enterprises * Catering * Retail and wholesale * Clubs * Celebrations For Organisaion we need some lead time, and to be able to guarantee the success of your delivery, we ask you for your order early - at least the first delivery would be later than
 the week before the fair a good time frame. The deliveries take place daily, and of course, since our warehouse is located directly next to the fairgrounds in, at very short notice. Our
Beer Dispenser Backpack range includes exclusive branded beverages. Used for the finger food items are pure meat and cheese products. On request we can also gluten-and offer Lactose
Beer Dispenser Backpack lunch.
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