Backpackdispenser Construction: Material: textile and insulation materials from plastic.Cleaning: All components are disassembled for easier cleaning of the backpack system. Double insulation: Because of the double insulation keep hot and cold temperature over a period of  minutes, depending on the outside and the temperature during filling.Branding Area:
Flexible branding area to add your branding behind the transparent PVC film, using Velcro on the backpack system is attached.Weight distribution: The ergonomic design strap, the weight optimally to Shoulders and hips.Connection:



 Our exclusive Portable  Drink Back Pack System is designed for any large outdoor event where you want to provide a unique party experience. These portable back-packs hold 3 or 5 -gallons of  drinks
We are a manufacturing  Company for  - backpackdispenser and all our products can be fully personalized with your logo All components are food grade.