backpack dispenser Material: textile and insulation materials from plastic. Cleaning: All components are disassembled for easier cleaning of the backpack system. Double insulation: Because of the double insulation keep hot and cold temperature over a period of  minutes, depending on the outside and the temperature during filling. Branding Area: Flexible branding area to add your branding behind the transparent PVC film, using Velcro on the backpack dispense system is attached. Weight distribution: The ergonomic design strap, the weight optimally to Shoulders and hips. Connection: NC-fitting Open: 11.4 l Weight (loaded): Approximately 16 kg Branding dimensions Equipment: Stainless steel containers, cups donor, hose drinks inc backpack dispense  exclusive hand pump Pressure: air, using a separate hand pump before the first serving maneuvers in the container eingbracht. Suitable for: carbonated free hot and cold Other donor-cup models available on request. As an alternative way for commercial use, we recommend the use of nitrogen (eg in the 20 liters or 50 bottles q), using the adapter connector before serving in the stainless steel container is introduced backpack dispenser
 backpack dispenser


The beverage backpack systems Rocketpacks meet all requirements for event and promotional inserts of various Art Carrying an ergonomic design for optimal weight distribution and thermoisolierende materials are the most important quality characteristics of  backpack dispenser systems. The exterior surfaces are available for individual branding available (slot behind transparent PVC sheet or branding directly onto PVC film

backpack dispenser
 vendors, those hot dog-dispensing, beer hawking staples of sporting events the world over, are in need of a refresh. . Put simply, this slick all-in-one vendor concept could change the way people have food thrown their way at a baseball game.GravityPack for the dispensing of hot or cold non-carbonated beverages. Product Sampling Brand Sampling Programs Event Sampling Street Sampling Intercept Sampling Point of Use Product Sampling Marketing  mobile dispensing systems, increasing your beverage sales, sampling campaigns, field marketing, event marketing, sampling programs, bottle coolers, keg coolers, carbonated drinks, non-carbonated beverages, hot or cold, street vending, dispensing backpack, reach your customers, mobile beverage sampling system, beverage promotions, hot and cold mobile drink dispenser, brand awareness, brand sampling, point of use sampling, event sampling, product sampling, intercept sampling, event sampling, consumer product sampling, targeted sampling, youth marketing, guerilla marketing, guerrilla marketing, college sampling, select marketing, co-op promotions, distirbuting samples, product introductions, foodservice and concession industries
Backpack beverage dispenser information on mobile beverage backpack dispenser equipment by beverage type for beer, soft drinks, frozen and hot beverages, coffee and more. Distributed worldwide, offering brand recognition for beverage concessions at any event, a leading source backpack dispenser.

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